Teen Driver Safety Center

Helping Your Children Become Safe Drivers

At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery in San Antonio, Texas, we represent clients who have been injured in a broad range of car accidents. Sadly, many of the cases we see involve teenage drivers. Whether the accident was caused due to the actions of another driver or the child’s own negligence, there are many times that the accident could have been avoided if the child had more experience behind the wheel.

No matter how much classroom preparation you give them or how well they do with their behind the wheel training, there is nothing that truly prepares a teenage driver for full-speed traffic filled with frequently aggressive motorists. The best way to ensure the safety of your child is to instill a few basic habits that allow him or her to remain alert to surrounding traffic and the actions of other vehicles.

Teaching The Right Habits Behind The Wheel

One of the most common issues for young drivers who cause serious accidents is the failure to pay attention to the road in front of them. They often want to make phone calls, send a text, play with the radio or do other things that take their attention off the road. This creates a very dangerous situation because things happen very quickly and drivers need to be ready to react in a split second.

Another major issue with teen driver safety is ensuring that your child knows how to drive defensively. As much we trust our children to obey traffic laws and handle themselves responsibly behind the wheel, the rest of the driving public isn’t nearly as trustworthy. There is no way to tell what the other cars around you are going to do so it is imperative that your child stays mindful of other drivers and being ready to take appropriate action if a situation develops.

Finally, the teen years are usually the time when young people begin to experiment with alcohol and drugs. Intoxicants and driving don’t mix for anyone, but when teenagers drive drunk or under the influence of drugs, the risk of serious accidents and injury go up considerably. It is important that children understand that, if they are intoxicated, the consequences are far less severe if they call for a ride compared to trying to drive.

Get Sound Advice From An Experienced Lawyer

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