The Power Of Fitness Tracker Evidence In Dog Bite Claims

Dog bites can result in severe physical and emotional trauma, leaving victims not only with immediate injuries but also long-term consequences. Athletes, in particular, can be vulnerable to attacks while they are running – and those attacks can derail promising careers.

At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, our lawyers understand the challenges that come with building compelling cases to try to ensure that our clients in San Antonio and the surrounding areas receive the compensation they truly deserve. To that end, our team embraces cutting-edge strategies, including the use of fitness tracker data as evidence in dog bite claims.

How A Fitness Tracker Can Help After A Dog Bite

Fitness trackers, including FitBits, Garmins and Apple Watches, are worn by millions. Athletes and other health-conscious people regularly use them to monitor their heart rates and other physiological responses while they run.

After a dog attack, a fitness tracker can be a terrific source of unbiased data that helps illustrate:

  • The location and time of the attack: Your fitness tracker may be able to show the exact geographic location of the attack relative to the dog owner’s property and what you were doing both immediately before and after the attack.
  • The extent of your injuries: Because a fitness tracker records real-time data, it can show how your body responded during the attack. It can also be used to compare and contrast pre-attack physical activity levels with post-attack physical activity levels.
  • The psychological impact: If the emotional toll of the dog attack has affected your sleep, then the data on your fitness tracker can be used to show disrupted sleep patterns.

Since it is always the victim’s burden to show the extent of their injuries after a dog attack, every little bit of data may help.

Let Our Team Help You With Your Dog Bite Claim

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