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Truckers Driving While Sleepy

Falling asleep behind the wheel of a
tractor-trailer or other large vehicle is a major problem. As bad as it can be for the driver of a car, it’s worse when it’s a fully loaded 80,000 pound truck. It’s worse yet when driving that truck is your job – and you’ve put others at risk because you were too tired to be on the road.

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truck accidents resulted from drowsy driving on the part of truckers.

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Drowsy Driving Just as Bad as Drunk Driving

From our perspective, driving while sleepy is just as bad as driving while intoxicated. A trucker’s ability to make good decisions and stay alert when tired is no better than when that driver is drunk.

The results are the same: swerving in and out of lanes, speeding (or going too slow), and slowed reaction times.

In fact, truck drivers are every bit as responsible for an accident from falling asleep at the wheel because they violated
hours-of-service rules as if they were under the influence of alcohol.

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Our goal in every case is to figure out exactly why the truck accident happened – or to get as close to figuring it out as possible. Whether the driver was just too tired to be on the road or a combination of things caused the accident, we will hold negligent truck drivers and their employers responsible for your injuries.

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