What To Do If You Were Injured By An Uber, Lyft Or Other Rideshare Vehicle

Rideshare drivers are considered the employees of rideshare companies (such as Uber or Lyft) during the time that they are being paid to operate their vehicles. As such, people who are injured in rideshare accidents may hold the rideshare company liable for their losses.

At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, we can assist you with your personal injury claim following a rideshare accident. Our attorneys are extensively experienced in handling all types of complex motor vehicle accidents claims, including those involving Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies. We understand the complexities involved in these types of cases and are prepared to fight for the maximum recovery you are owed.

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Filing An Injury Claim Against A Rideshare Company In Texas

Texas law mandates that all rideshare companies must ensure their drivers up to $1 million. Additionally, unlike in other types of motor vehicle accident cases, there are no damage caps. Because of this, rideshare companies have a lot to lose if they are sued for damages after an accident involving one of their drivers. Their attorneys will often do everything possible to devalue or deny rightful injury claims.

What to do if you are injured in an accident involving an Uber, a Lyft or another type of rideshare vehicle:

  • First, make sure that you and everyone involved in the accident is okay. Call 9-1-1 and/or an ambulance if anyone needs immediate emergency medical treatment.
  • Contact the police and, once they arrive at the scene, provide an official report of the accident. Include details such as how the accident occurred and if you were injured.
  • If possible, obtain witness statements and take pictures of or document the scene of the accident. Document your injuries, if any, as well.
  • Get the name of the driver and the insurance information of the rideshare company that he or she works for.
  • Seek medical treatment following the accident, even if you believe you were not injured. Some injuries do not appear right away, and it is important to make sure you receive proper care.
  • Avoid speaking to any insurance adjustors from the liable insurance company if they attempt to contact you.
  • Reach out to an experienced rideshare attorney in San Antonio or the surrounding areas to discuss filing a personal injury claim.

Uber, Lyft and other forms of ridesharing are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of transportation in Texas and across the nation. Unfortunately, because rideshare drivers do not receive any formal training and are not commercial driver’s license holders, accidents are not uncommon. If you were injured in a rideshare collision – whether you were a passenger, a motorist in another vehicle, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian – you have the right to take legal action.

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Because we’ve been representing injured people since 1990, our attorneys know how to prosecute personal injury cases against rideshare companies and major insurance providers. Accidents involving rideshare companies are not as common as other types of accidents, but they happen with surprising regularity, and negligence is negligence no matter who caused the accident.

We are adept at handling complex cases involving private rideshare entities, such as Uber and Lyft, as well as other privately owned public transit companies.

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