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In many instances, negligent drivers responsible for auto accidents have also neglected to purchase enough insurance to cover the damage they cause. This is why insurance companies sell underinsured motorist accident coverage in order to provide fair compensation to auto accident victims who have the misfortune of being struck by a driver with insufficient insurance.

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Even if you have underinsured motorist accident coverage on your policy, you may have difficulty getting the fair recovery you need and deserve. There are specific statutes in the state of Texas that allow you to sue your own insurance company for bad faith practices when it refuses to investigate an underinsured motorist accident claim, denies a valid claim or delays payment on a claim.

In cases of clear insurance code violations, the experienced underinsured accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery can help you prove your case and force your insurance company to live up to its legal obligation to handle your auto accident claim with good faith and fair dealing.

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