Strong Advocacy After A Delivery Truck Accident

Sure, Amazon has hopes of expanding its use of commercial drones. The overwhelming majority of packages, however, still arrive by truck – and those trucks often drive unsafely, causing bad accidents.

At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, in San Antonio, our lawyers can help you pursue maximum compensation if you are injured in such an accident. We focus our practice on motor vehicle accident cases, with a proven record of results.

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What Type Of Commercial Vehicle Injured You?

Both other motorists and pedestrians are at risk of being hit by delivery trucks. All those constant stops and starts, often involving illegal parking, make delivery trucks dangerous and may lead to accidents causing life-changing injuries.

In part, the problem is that UPS, FedEx, Walmart and other companies expect their drivers to make an excessive number of deliveries every day. The resulting speed leads to negligent driving that causes many crashes and collisions.

Our firm has experience in handling truck crash cases to help you bring an effective compensation claim.

What About Taxis And Uber Drivers?

Of course, it isn’t only delivery trucks that cause accidents and injuries when driving negligently. This can happen with any commercial vehicle, including taxis and drivers for ride-sharing sites such as Uber or Lyft.

Our lawyers know that commercial vehicles usually have higher insurance limits that apply in a business setting. We can help you evaluate your legal options for injury compensation and assert your rights accordingly.

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