Texas Truck Accident Attorneys

Understanding Potential Liable Parties In A Truck Accident

Whether you have been injured in a tractor-trailer accident or a loved one was killed in a semi truck accident, you deserve a compassionate attorney who understands the hardships you are experiencing. At The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery, we understand the physical, emotional and financial burdens that can result from a truck accident. We strive to alleviate your burdens by seeking full compensation from all possible parties who may have contributed to the accident.

Based in San Antonio, the truck accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Tyler & Peery has over 15 years of experience representing clients throughout Texas who have been seriously injured in a tractor-trailer accident.

Our Texas truck accident lawyers (Dennis C. Peery, John N. Tyler and James Shaffer) are personal injury specialists (certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization) who understand that different parties may have caused or contributed to your trucking accident.

Who Is At fault In A Truck Accident?

The following list will illustrate some of the more common parties that have been at fault in other truck accidents throughout Texas.

  • Truck driver – Truck driver fatigue is probably one of the most common causes of truck accidents in Texas. While there are rules regarding how many hours a driver may log, many drivers either break the rules or participate in other physical activities (such as assisting with the loading of the truck) immediately prior to driving the load. Also, some drivers take drugs (often to fight their sleepiness) or drink either before driving or while driving and may have impaired judgment.
  • Truck owner (cab) – The owner of the truck cab, who may or may not be the driver, has a duty to inspect the cab’s equipment and ensure it is in safe working order, including the brakes, lights and tires.
  • Truck owner (trailer) – The owner of the truck trailer is typically not the same person who owns the truck cab. However, whether the owners are the same person or separate people, they also have a duty to inspect the trailer to insure it is in a safe condition, including the trailer’s lights, brakes and tires.
  • Truck loading company – The truck loaders have a duty to properly load the truck, including ensuring there is no load shift that can cause an accident or rollover. If an improper load caused your accident, then the truck loaders could be liable.
  • Truck driving agencies – A truck driving agency that employs truck drivers may also be responsible for a truck accident if it did not properly investigate the background of the truck driver or set unrealistic schedules that induced speeding or disobeying the law.
  • Truck manufacturers and truck part manufacturers – Truck manufacturers and truck part manufacturers could also be responsible if their products were defective.
  • Government (federal, state and local road authorities) – The government can also be responsible for a truck accident by failing to maintain the roads in a safe condition. Poor design, construction, and maintenance of roads or highways may contribute to an accident. The agency responsible for the design, construction or maintenance of the road may be held liable for the unsafe and dangerous road condition.

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