San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Victims Of Accidents Where The Other Driver Fell Asleep Behind The Wheel

Texas Attorneys Representing People Who Were Seriously Injured Because Of Drowsy Or Fatigued Drivers

Driving while sleepy, fatigued, exhausted, drowsy – whatever you want to call it – is a widespread problem. Except when it comes to truck drivers who drive too long and put others at risk by disregarding hours-of-service rules, drowsy driving is not the same as drunk or drugged driving. It’s not a criminal act, like DWI. For this reason, it’s not always clear that drowsy driving caused the car wreck.

Every case is different. If you’ve been injured in a car wreck, we begin at ground zero, working to determine exactly how the accident occurred by looking at the facts and examining witnesses. Our years of experience and professional credentials – such as becoming board-certified personal injury specialists – help us to provide legal representation that can make the difference in your case. We’ll find out what happened and we’ll seek compensation for you.

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Were You Injured By A Drowsy Driver In Texas?

In practicing personal injury law since 1990, we’ve seen all sorts of cases that involve drowsy driving, including:

  • Crossing the center line on a two-lane highway
  • Single-car accidents that create hazards for others on the road
  • Weaving into other lanes without signaling
  • Running stop signs and red lights
  • Running off the road and injuring passengers (like passengers in tour bus accidents)

Drowsy driving is not necessarily easy to spot, but that doesn’t mean the driver who caused the accident isn’t responsible. And, contrary to how some people talk about personal injury trial lawyers, we believe that representing people who were seriously injured because of drowsy driving or some other kind of negligent behavior is honorable work.

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